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Rug & Balls

Communications Games

AED 399.00

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Product Description:

Rug and balls involve the team attempting to drop the colored balls into the corresponding holes. This game provides an exciting, interactive experience for all participants. A key characteristic of the game is the number of real-life applications it provides; these relate to improving teamwork, planning and communication skills for team members of all ages.

Effective communication skills
Operational planning skills
Trust between team members
Teamwork skills
Time: 10-20 minutes
Players: 6 - 8 team members
Physical effort: 4/10
Mental effort:4/10
The team begins with five colored balls, each corresponding to one of the five-colored holes on the rug. The group must use cooperation and teamwork in order to successfully drop each ball into the correct hole, according to color (eg: the yellow ball must enter the yellow hole). If a ball falls into the wrong hole, the challenge resets and the team must start from the beginning.

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