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Memory Maze

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Product Description:

 We came today and have in our possession one of the most important games for developing and developing skills, especially the skill of communication between the team. The memory maze game makes the team an integrated educational system, it is one of the team games and one of the most vital and fun training exercises.

The Memory Maze requires each team member to successfully navigate through the maze one at a time. This is a mystery game based on trial and error, learning and communicating. It requires a solid team ethic, open lines of communication and trust in order to complete.

The Memory maze game is not only a fun activity, but your way to a family and cooperative training team, so enter our site and buy this unique product immediately, we are waiting for you!

  • Feedback skills.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Operational planning skills
  • Creative thinking

Every member of the team must navigate through the mystery maze, discovering the invisible route that leads to the secret endpoint before the time runs out. They must communicate with each other, and listen carefully to the trainer’s instructions to be successful

The Memory maze game makes the team an integrated educational system, it is a team games and the most energetic and fun training exercises.

• Each individual group expresses a memory maze for each individual.

Transit takes place on a hidden road that only the exercise instructor knows.

• One after the other, an attempt is made to guess the hidden road while relying on signal communication only.

• Through a wrong step, he will be notified by the trainer to return with the same correct first steps.

• Then the next individual continues with the same previous steps and attempts to guess the next step.

• So until all members of the group cross this hidden path. 

Environment: Inside/outside 

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